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I recently got a blue/tan dachshund. He is very alert and really loves to play. Really sweet dog. But he has a skin problem. I tried to give him some medication as per our vet, but unfortunately, I think that his skin problem is resistant to the medication. I have read that this skin problem is in his genes or somewhat. Is there a cure for that? Or he will grow old with that? If there is no cure, is there a way to prevent it at least? Attached is his picture. :)

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much!

I have fostered many blues - it is genetic and there is not a lot that can be done.  I would be careful about letting him out in the sun - use something to protect his skin.  He is cute but he will have skin problems all his life and likely go bald.  No matter - you will love him anyways!

I have heard that feeding Solid Gold dog food is good for their skin - it is a high end pet food - Petco carries it. I have not tried it.

Be sure to keep his skin moisturized after baths, keep him out of the sun and cold, use a sunblock (check with your vet on the type) in the sunny times and a sweater if he goes outside in the cold.  It is a genetically flawed color and it really should not be bred.  I know someone who bred some blues and got out of it because of the problems.  

Some people say they may develop infections and sores but I think if you are especially careful, you can avoid much of that.  Give him lot of love and take precautions!


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