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I have a short haired Dachshund hound. She's a very good dog that has listens well and obedient. I don't require a leash with her when i am in public with her and she is trained with sit and stay and lay and will automatically go into her cage if told too. unfortunately she has a problem with barking once she is left alone. Me and my girlfriend live together and we are usually here with her. But if we leave she will bark and whine. It has gotten to the point where our neighbors have left notes on our door complaining about her. I have been told to get a bark collar but i feel as though that is a little hard on her. Do you have any advice on what i should do to stop this barking when left alone?

Sounds like separation anxiety.  Try leaving on a radio or the TV.  There are some scents you can plug into the wall that is supposed to help but it did not help mine - they howl when left and then they settle down.  Try some Rescue Remedy for calming or ask your vet for a calming medicine.  Bark collars are not necessary and I agree - I would not use one.


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