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Hi Cindy,
I have some questions about mini Dachshunds. I absolutely love them! First I want to know if this is a good dog for a college student in a 1 bedroom studio apartment. I do have a small space in my washroom for the dog to sleep and have some space to move around. Second I would like to know if they have a propensity to health problems. I would prefer a dog that does not because I would am a college student, as I said, and have enough bills as it is already. I am planning on saving up for check ups and food and preventative meds, but I can't afford a dog that has a tendency to have many health issues causing me to spend thousands of dollars. Third I would like to know if they get lonely. I make very odd hours and sometimes could be gone for 5 hours at a time. Im usually only gone for about 3 but on weekends I could be gone for up to 5 hours. I wouldn't mind bringing the dog with me, I don't want to get a dog period if the dog will be lonely and crying because I'm not there. I am usually in my apartment most of the time though. And Fourth I would like to know if you know how dachshunds react to rabies vaccines, like if they make them act funny or if they are allergic or anything crazy like that and also if they are afraid of new surroundings, like if I move from state to state or if I move out of the country. I am getting the dog because I have anxiety problems and my therapist told me that pet therapy is very helpful, but I don't want to put a dog through something that will upset them or depress them or something they can't handle.
Please let me know as soon as possible.
Thank You!

Dachshunds are great dogs.  Like any breed, they have different personalities so it is hard to say how he/she will act.  Some are barkers, some are quiet, some are diggers, some are chewers, and some are very well behaved.  It does not sound like you would gone that much - they are people dogs and most of them like to sleep on the people bed.  They are like any breed and can have health issues but if taken care of properly, they are pretty good.  I have more than 1 dachshund but 1 is fine.  In fact, some people have only 1 and that one gets jealous if they bring another in.  A rescue dog is great and you would know about personality, etc.  


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