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My 7 year old dachshund Zeppy has grass cravings and noisy tummy as often as once a week.  The noises were incredibly loud this morning while he rested on the pillows behind me.  Sometimes he won't eat anything when this happens and other times he'll eat some plain Greek yogurt or some boiled sweet potato.  It never lasts for long but I'm wondering if I should switch to a food for sensitive stomach.  He and my Chihuahua (who has no tummy problems and eats the same thing)eat Wellness for small breeds. I read your suggestion of maple syrup for the puppy.  Is that real maple syrup?  Thanks for your time and caring for the long pooches.

If you are referring to Karo syrup to make doggie Gatorade, it can help keep him for getting dehydrated but do not use maple syrup.  I have one that has issues once in awhile but he will be fine the next day so I do not worry unless he goes a couple of days without eating.  Wellness is a good food - have you tried the simple version (only 5 ingredients)?  Also, pay attention to what he was fed before he does this - he might have a food allergy.  We have one that cannot eat any beef or he gets sick.  Sensitive stomach food is also good to try if you want.  Otherwise, if it does not happening often, keep feeding him yogurt - has probiotics.  You can also try raw goat's milk - it is frozen and at some pet stores and has protein and probiotics.  If it happens often, take him to your vet.


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