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Dachshunds/my mini overlyprotective twards everyone


I have a 4 year old mini daschound named boots. I bought him when he was 6 weeks old. As a pup until now he has been VERY protective towards anyone especially when he is on someones lap. He will even bite at me (his owner) if i approach anyone that he is sitting with. He has been like that since day 1 even as a pup. I've been nothing but kind and loving towards him but im assuming that he has the (alpha) thing going on. When visiting my mom or any female especially, if he is sitting with them, he will show his teeth at me (his owner/buddy).... i cannot figure out what to do at this point being that he's even bit me a few times.......

That is not a good behavior and should have been stopped when he was a puppy.  It is much harder to change as an adult.  You can try Rescue Remedy (healthfood stores) - that helps but you may need a vet prescribed calming med.  I know someone who was having a lot of issues with their doxie bitting and being aggressive and when they put him on a med like clomicalm he was a different dog.  Check with your vet about what you can give him. You cannot let this behavior continue - it is more than being alpha but what the cause is, I am not sure.  Meds might really help him.  Good luck.  


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