My 13 yr old female dachshund (spayed) had a lump (quarter size) removed last year after observing it for a couple of years and was diagnosed as a fatty tumor.  Earlier this month she had her teeth cleaned and what it seems overnight a golf sized lump appeared on her right hip area.  I took her to the Vet and they said it could be from where they gave her a shot and provided some steroids/anti-flammatory medication - this was two weeks ago.  Tonight I noticed another lump near her spine, a little above the other lump.  She doesn't seem like she is in pain, eats and runs around, but I am worried  Any insight as to what this may be would be greatly appreciated.  Thank-you!

We have older dogs with fatty tumors.  I was told they were harmless but the hip lump would not develop that fast that I know of.  If that lump is gone, it might have been shots  but I would worry too.  I would take her to the vet and if you do not get a good answer, get another opinion.  You can also use internet for talking to a vet.


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