I have a year old mini daschund female. She is almost 14 lbs. I think she is overweight, and I don't know if I am feeding her too much. She gets 1/3 cup 3X a day of dry food, plus on the 3rd feeding i giver her a couple of teaspoons of canned food, but she always seems hungry. I don't know if I'm feeding her too much, and I don't want her to develop back problems.  Any input you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have 8 and they all think they hungry!  I feed twice a day.  It really depends on how much she should weigh and what she looks like.  Is her tummy hugh?  You feed a whole cup dry food a day - that is a lot for a small dog -try going to 1/4 cup 3 times a day and add some green beans to help her feel full to start.  Even that is a lot of food for a small dog.  Hope this helps.  See how it goes and then make other adjustments as needed.  Remember to feed a quality food - it really helps.


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