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Hi Cindy!
I have a ton of questions for you, but this one is definitely the most serious. I have a 5 y.o. female double dapple piebald (I think?!--I don't really know exactly what she is). I rescued her at 5 months old. Since then, she has had numerous major allergic reactions, three of which required trips to the doggy emergency room. One time was after getting booster and rabies shots. She started vomiting blood, blew up like a balloon into one giant hive, stopped breathing and collapsed. I almost lost her. The other times were not that severe, but after taking walks we would get home and she would puff up with hives all over her body, so off to the ER we went again. My question is this: Is there anything I can do at home to stop these allergic reactions? I can't give her anything orally like a pill once she swells up and starts vomiting. Is there an emergency epi-pen for dogs out there that I can buy? I have no problem taking her to the ER, but it scares me when she swells up like that. I'm guessing she was stung by a bug or something, but I really don't even know what sets her off. Any advice? (Sorry for the long post!) Thanks!

Get her tested at the vet if you can to see what she is allergic to.  I have a pie that gets allergic reactions so during summer he has to wear a doggie t-shirt when he goes out or he breaks out in welts and redness.  I found out he has an allergy to grass.  But it is also more than that.  Not sure what all it is but we have an ointment from the vet that help.  No epi-pens that I know of - check with your vet to see what might be able to be done.


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