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QUESTION: Hello Duke, I also have an interest in DoubleStar Dallas Cowboys apparel, mainly Apex products. For some reason I always thought the doublestar white jersey with blue #'s and stars was the best jersey ever. During the 1994 season dallas cowboys coaches wore apex polo doublestar shirts. My favorite was switzer wearing a beautiful doublestar polo, you could see it clearly in an post game press conference. My ? is how many different apex polo shirts were used during 1994 season? Is there a website?

ANSWER: Hi Albert,

Thank you for the question and like you I agree the white "Double-Star" jersey is the best jersey ever produced.  I wish the team would wear them again for Thanksgiving but I think it may bring up painful memories of "what could have been" with the loss to the 49ers in the NFC Championship game and a failed 3-Peat.  I remember most of the "Double-Star" apparel (as limited as it was) and I still have a 1994 catalog somewhere that I need to dig up, but as far as how many different Apex One polos were worn that year? Ooh that's a tough one since my expertise is with the Cowboys uniforms and not so much the team apparel in general.  I think the best way to find out is to possibly go to Getty Images and look at individual game photos of the coaches and then maybe type in "Dallas Cowboys Apex One" on Ebay and that should narrow down your search.  Since Apex One manufactured the Cowboys uniforms for "technically" for the 1992 and 1994 seasons (they went out of business before the start of the 1995 season so most likely uniforms were Apex, but the coaches apparel were very similar to Nike styles with no "Swoosh") that should give you a limited two year window in your search.  Sorry I wasn't much help but good luck in your search and should I ever find my 1994 catalog, I'll be sure and let share it with you.  Take care and happy holidays!!


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QUESTION: Hello Duke, thanks for the quick response. Thanks for the getty website headsup, it was a great help. I guess my interest in Apex apparel is that it was released during the early 1990's glory years. I'am 31 years old now and I dont buy or collect anything but 90's Apex, Russell, Starter, or Pro-Player apparel, again a particular interest in DoubleStar apparel. I'm glad you have an interest in doublestar jerseys as I do. First ? is do you collect doublestar jerseys/shirts/jackets/sweaters? If you do could you show me some pics of your collection. It never gets old finding and looking at some new early 90's apparel. Of course I would also show you my collection if you would like. I cant believe you still might have an 94 catalog, that would be a great find. I see in you Experience you collect VHS tapes of the boys. My gem you might call it is the "Six Days To Sunday" tape I found by a miracle a few years back. Its just great to talk about the boys. So when you respond, please just lay back and let it go because I'am like you a sponge sooking everything and anything 90's Dallas Cowboys. Happy Holidays.

Hello again Albert,

*First off, sorry I noticed I made a type-o in my first reply to you.  The Cowboys jerseys were manufactured by Russell Athletic during the 1992 season.  Apex One handled those duties in 1993, 1994, and parts of 1995.*

But no problem as far as the Getty Images link.  I love their site and often use them when I need references for my artwork or to clarify any discrepancies I have with the Cowboys' game uniforms.  I totally understand your love for the glory years apparel.  Personally, I can't say which era of Cowboys apparel I really liked because I've loved various parts and articles of clothing of every different era from Apex, to Nike, to Reebok, and now back to Nike.  If I had to pick one though, it would probably be the era after our last Superbowl run in 1995 when Nike just took the reigns (basically Deion's stint with the team 1995-1999).  It just seemed there was more focus and seriousness (or at least more attention) given to the uniforms and people were starting to notice more of the details in replica, authentics, and game worn jerseys.  Just my two cents.

But yes, the "Double-Star" jerseys, particularly the white version, are still my absolute favorite jerseys of all-time.  Again, I really wish the team would wear them again as I still find it awkward seeing them wear blue at home (even though I love the current throwbacks).  The only change I would add if the team wore the white "Double-Star" today would be to have them wear white pants and solid color blue socks with their silver-blue helmets.  I always do this when I play Madden and the look is incredible.  Just looks very clean and pristine.  Very "American" in my opinion.

The only "Double-Star" apparel I own are the jerseys and the one "Double-Star" hat.  I wasn't a huge fan of the "Double-Star" apparel itself because of the frequent use of the color black (Ha ha and yes, I do know the current white jerseys have a black outline to the royal blue stripe).  But to me, it kind of took away from the whole white/blue pallette of Cowboy colors.  Most of, if not all of my collection is consisted of jerseys.  I would be happy to show them to you if you'd like.  Just shoot me off an email (maybe with your collection if you'd like) on my personal email account.  I have that 1994 catalog in my storage somewhere and if I come across it, I'd be happy to scan it for you and send you what I have.

I have yet to see the "Six Ways to Sunday" VHS you speak of.  Sounds very interesting.  Personally, I'd like to watch some of my old game tapes but need to track down my VCR.  Busy Busy life we lead.  Well if you have any other questions or comments pertaining to Dallas Cowboys related apparel, feel free to just email me.  Otherwise have a great holiday season and wish for our Boys' to beat the Redskins on Sunday and hope they at least win one Playoff game (if they even get there).  Take care and thanks for asking again!!


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I have extensive knowledge of the 1990's-Present Dallas Cowboys teams. Specifically, team uniforms, equipment, and so forth. I own numerous Cowboys memorabilia and would love to one day write a book on the evolution of the team's uniforms dating back to their inception in 1960. I may not be able to answer most Cowboys questions prior to the 1990's as I was but a youth at the time :-).


I try and make annual trips to see the Dallas Cowboys every season as my parents live about 15 minutes from Cowboys Stadium in the city of Mansfield, Texas. I have a library of various Dallas Cowboy books, football cards, player photos, DVD's and VHS tapes and have also recorded nearly all games from 1998-2007. I am also an artist, so most of my collections such as cards, photos, or memorabilia are not for value, but rather for reference. I appreciate the visual aesthetics of the Dallas Cowboys and the game of football. As a hobby, I occasionally customize and paint McFarlane Dallas Cowboy figures to near exact detail as their live counterparts. I also own several game used items, autographs, and roughly 12-14 authentic jerseys with 3-4 different manufacturers.

Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts, Associates of Arts in Graphic Design, Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts with emphasis in Illustration. My dream would be, of course, to work for the Dallas Cowboys organization possibly for their marketing and design team. The Dallas Cowboys annual bluebooks and game programs have always interested me.

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