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Hello. . I was a owner of the original 1994 emmitt smith double star jersey from apex...  it was authentic and 149.99 when I bought it from cowboys pro shop. However when I got it I was pissed because the jersey didn't look right! On the original apex ones the star ptch under the collar was a completely different patch than the cowboys jersey. .  The chest seam on the cowboys jersey was above the nfl patch at the collar.. the apex authentic was way down below the collar! For apex to supply the cowboys jerseys. . Why did they do such a crappy job on the authentics? Also I noticed on the Mitchell and ness the star patch under the collar is now correct however its a little too big.. the chest seam is still wrong

Hello Jamison,

Sorry for the late reply but when I saw your question through my email, I knew this was something that would require more of an extensive and elaborate answer as I have the same passion and issue you do on the Apex One jerseys.  Now sorry to get a little sidetracked but I am assuming when you say the 1994 "Double-Star" jersey, you're talking about the white "Double-Star" the team wore in the 1994 season playoffs and lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship and not the navy "Double-Star" worn in the 1995 (and later in the 2001, 2002, and 2003 seasons) season against the Redskins and Eagles.  Either way, both were made with a poor reflection of their game day counterparts.  

Ok (deep breath ha ha), to answer of your question, I have no idea why Apex One chose to make a beautiful game day "Double-Star" jersey for the team itself and then turn around and make a near-completely different "authentic" jersey to sell to the public.  Add that to the fact that their "replicas" for the "Double-Star", were even of lower quality and grade.  My only conclusion for this was that Apex One wanted to differentiate the different levels of jerseys like Replica, Authentic, and Game Day/Pro Cut.  In my opinion, I like it better that way as when I spot a jersey, its nice to know right away if its a replica or an authentic.  With Nike now in the fold and even parts of Reebok's reign as the NFL manufacturer, they created so many different levels and they all look so similar I can't even tell unless I walked up and touched the jersey itself.  Nike Game jerseys, Limited jerseys, and Elite jerseys.  It all sounds great but I really can't tell which one is better unless I look it up and hence a mess to me.

Here was my observations on the Apex One white "Double-Star" jerseys as I've witnessed and have had in my hands at different times, all three Replica, Authentic, and Game Day/Pro Cut jerseys.

Replica white "Double-Star" (my little sister has this one and trying best to remember from memory):

- Front/Back numbers screened on
- "Double-Stars" on shoulder, sleeve numbers, and name on back were oddly part of the of the jersey as if it were dyed, inked into the fabric.
- font was a san-serif font that was thick and more blocked
- No middle Cowboys chest crest
- No NFL shield
- No NFL 75th anniversary patch

Authentic white "Double-Star":

- Front, back, sleeve numbers and "Double-Stars" on shoulder were all stitched tackle twill
- white pinstripe/outline on the numbers were screen printed
- font is a san-serif font that is thin
- Cowboys chest crest is about 3-4 inches big with no blue outline
- NFL shield on V-neck collar
- chest seam is about 3-4 inches below the V-neck (I always called it the breast line but I like your term better)
- NFL 75th anniversary patch on left breast but above the chest seam
- blue is more of purplish-blue hue

Game Day/Pro Cut white "Double-Star":

- Front, back, sleeve numbers and "Double-Stars" on shoulder were all stitched tackle twill
- white pinstripe/outline on the numbers were screen printed
- font is a san-serif font that is thin
- Cowboys chest crest is about 1-2 inches big with a blue outline*
- NFL shield on V-neck collar
- V-neck collar is about 1-1/2 inches thick
- chest seam partially goes through the "V" portion of the V-neck
- NFL 75th anniversary patch on left breast and rests in the middle of the seam
- of course extra personal embellishments per player like elastic sleeve cuffs, spandex side panels and what-have-you.

* when the team originally unveiled the white "Double-Star" jersey against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day 1994, the chest crest was the bigger one and was placed on the right side of the jersey (possibly to aesthetically balance the jersey with the 75th anniversary patch) and switched back and forth throughout the season.  Interesting enough, every time it was moved towards the middle, it became smaller and then bigger when moved back out to the right side.  

Personally and like you, I didn't agree with Apex One's move to make them substantially different though.  I would just prefer them to just shift between screen print or tackle twill.  Mesh or Pro mesh.  Spandex, lycra, and dazzle yolk should all be the only difference between the levels of jerseys, not a completely different letter font, number font, or color even.  The navy "Double-Star" was made for the 1994 season as well, but the team chose not to wear them till the 1995 season (to possibly thumb their nose at the NFL, which is a whole different story in itself).  Those authentics seemed even worse and the quality control more lazy because the chest crest was the same as the white Double-Star" chest crest.  In that, I mean it had a blue star as opposed to a white star (it's supposed to be a negative opposite from the white version).  Usually the star on the chest crest matched the "Double-Star" shoulder.  It looked horrible and uncoordinated.

Mitchell and Ness did a decent job replicating the Apex One "Double-Star" jerseys, but I wish they replicated the proper Game Day/Pro Cut ones and not the store bought public authentics.  Just my two cents.

Sorry that was a long answer, but since it my favorite jersey, I love "Double-Star" questions.  I hope that helped and thanks for asking.

Take care,

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