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why is it more attention or credit is not given to Ernie Stautner regarding great Dallas Cowboys defenses.He coached both doomesday 1 and 2.Between himself lilly and r. white they all three are ranked
in the top ten defensive lineman in nfl history.That's 33%which is amazing. Thanks

Good question for which there is no definitive answer.  

But in my opinion, the problem is that HOFer Ernie Stautner worked under HOFer Tom Landry.  Landry basically invented the 4-3 and the Flex variation on it.  Stautner was a heckuva player and could coach specific techniques, but he will always be overshadowed by Landry's inventiveness.  

Stautner was initially a DL coach (1966-72).  He was defensive coordinator from 1973-88.  

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