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Hi Duke, I'm looking for a double star jersey of Deion Sanders.
I might wanna go to buy this here, BUT even its from Mitchell And Ness, available from the official NFL shop, im questioning the realness of this Deion jersey!

If i remember right, signed Deion with the skins in 2000.
And also we worn the Reebok jerseys already.
So how can this jersey here(should be from apex one/ribon)been called official or whatever Mitchell & Ness are trying to tell us to sell jerseys?
Sanders played, correct me if i'm wrong, one preseason game in 1995 in this type of jersey and no Thanksgiving Throwback through the early 2000's cause he left us like i appointed before...

Would you buy this one? Looking for a white one but thats really hard to find i guess....

Oh and one other question. I found some old Aikman jerseys but i have no clue if the boys ever worn Wilson, LogoAthletic, Starter or Pro-Line....I only remember our jerseys from 1992 on, starting with Russell

Hope you can clarify here a bit :)

Greetings from Germany!

Hello Florian and greetings from Southern California!!

I must say great taste in jerseys as the "Double-Star" jerseys are my favorites.  If you're looking for the white "Double-Star", know that the Dallas Cowboys have only worn that jersey during the 1994 regular season and in the 1995 Preseason.  Deion was a member of the San Francisco 49ers in 1994 and had not signed with the Dallas Cowboys until early September of 1995.  So he never officially wore the white version in an NFL game.  The navy "Double-Star" was worn only twice during Deion's tenure with the team and both coming during the 1995 season against the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles (he only wore it once for the Eagles game as he was still recovering from arthroscopic surgery during the Redskins game).      

To answer your question, Yes, Deion played five seasons with the Cowboys (1995-1999) and later signed with the Redskins in 2000.  The Cowboys uniforms were still made by Nike until 2001 when Reebok signed an exclusive contract to outfit the entire NFL.  If it was a "Double-Star" jersey worn by Deion himself, it had to have been made by Apex One or Ripon Athletic, more than likely the latter.  Mitchell and Ness is a company that is licensed by the NFL to typically commemorate the history of the NFL (and other professional leagues) and really is known for a lot of their throwback memorabilia.  They have made several Dallas Cowboys throwbacks including Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin white "Double-Star" jerseys and one standard 1995 white/two-blue stripe Deion jersey.  To my knowledge, Deion did not play any Dallas Cowboy Preseason games in 1995 because as I said before, he was not a part of the team until September.  The Cowboys did not start wearing special uniforms for Thanksgiving until the 2001 season, long after Deion was gone.       

I personally checked the link you provided and from the photos, for all intents and purposes it looks like the real deal. However, I went directly to the NFL website and clicked on the online store link and it lead me to ", NOT "" which is the link you provided me and it had me alarmed a bit.  I also searched under "Deion" and no navy "Double-star" was shown.  Since the link provided stated it was made by Mitchell and Ness, I checked the official "" website and no such jersey exists in their catalog online.  Is it a fake?  Not exactly sure.  Perhaps it is new and the other sites have yet to be updated? I think it definitely wouldn't hurt to call the NFL shop and ask them personally if authenticity concerns you.  

Personally, that is what I would do since I do not buy fakes.  I know some people don't mind and it doesn't bother me, but as an avid and passionate Dallas Cowboys fan, I want the real thing.  I wouldn't buy it unless I can definitely verify it through  Also, back in the 1990's uniform manufacturers didn't seem as important as they are today.  So every team had a different manufacturer and nearly every company was licensed to make Dallas Cowboy (as well as all other teams) jerseys.  BUT, the only companies that OFFICIALLY outfitted the Cowboys on the field was:

1991-1992    - Russell Athletic
1993-1994    - Apex One (with several possible left over Russell uniforms with stitched on Apex logos)
1995          - Apex One (left overs with logos removed) and Ripon Athletic (logos removed)
1996-2000    - Nike
2001-2011    - Reebok
2012-Present - Nike

Hope that helped and good luck in your search!! :-)

Thanks for asking!!


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