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Hello Mr. Goodwin,

I am a 52-year-old male who, although I grew up in the heart of New York City, have always been a Cowboys fan.

I have a distant memory of my father getting me tickets to see the visiting Dallas Cowboys play the New York Giants one Sunday in Yankee Stadium. I went with my father and French Grandfather to watch the Cowboys DRUB the Giants- a real thrill. The score was so lopsided I think the Cowboys won by 40 or 50 points.

My question is, the Wednesday before the game, my father picked me up from an after-school event with a special surprise. We drove down to what I believe was midtown on the East Side and lo and behold a restaurant called "The Dallas Cowboy". It had a long silver and blue awning with Cowboys logo and the name of the team (but singular I recall). This was only the beginning of the surprise as we went inside and lo and behold all the Cowboys greats were there meeting and greeting the crowd. I got personal autographs from Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly, Lance Alworth and Bob Hayes, among others. I was asked by a team member if I was coming to the game that Sunday and I said "yes"!

Mr. Goodwin, do you know anything about the history of this restaurant. Years later I am curious about who owned and operated it?

Thank you,
Philippe Bloch


How awesome to have a dad that took you to a game when you were a kid!  My family couldn't afford tickets when I was kid, so I listened on the radio and watched them on the TV when a game was televised.

Unfortunately, I never heard of the restaurant you mentioned.  I did, however, manage to turn up two articles that mention it:

"The World's Best Barbecue is in Taylor, Texas. Or is it Lockhart?" (Texas Monthly: April, 1973)

"Lone Star Shtick" (Texas Monthly: January, 1986)

Neither article mentions who owned the restaurant.  Is your father still alive?  Maybe he or his friends could point you in the right direction.  If not, you could try and track down the authors of these articles (admittedly the articles themselves are also very old).  They might know something.

As a last resort, I'm sure there must be a city health department or other office responsible for licensing eating establishments.  You could search their old records to see if they have ownership info.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.  Good luck!

Fred Goodwin
San Antonio, TX

PS: Let me know if you find anything.


Updated on Oct 14:


I hope you don't mind, but I posted your question to a Cowboys fan forum, and one of the guys found more info on the restaurant; apparently Clint Murchison was the owner:

Excerpt from "Dallas Cowboys: The Complete Illustrated History":

Article from El Paso Herald-Post, "'Deep in the Heart of Texas' Food Delights New Yorkers" (May 17, 1972), scroll through the OCR text:

Article from the Victoria (TX) Advocate, "Dallas Cowboy Bean Soup" (May 4, 1972):

I didn't post your name; to see my (your) question, and @kilyin's answers, see:

Again, I hope you don't mind.  It was such an interesting question, I was hoping that some fan might recall it.

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