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I have a collection of the Dallas Cowboys weekly news papers from the 70's though the 1990's. Do you know of anyone that might have an interest in this one of a kind collection,almost three decades of papers.

Thank you


Sorry I don't know anyone specifically, but I can make a couple of suggestions.  

You can list them on ebay and see how much interest they generate.  You can also post an announcement in a user forum where Cowboy fans gather; someone will almost certainly take you up on your offer.  The largest Cowboy fan forum is probably  They have a subforum called Market Zone where you can post your offer.

Who will pay for shipping?  Shipping that many newspapers can be expensive.

Good luck!  

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My particular expertise is Dallas Cowboys history from 1960-1988 (the Landry era); I'm also a Cowboys book fanatic (I have almost 300 different Cowboys-related titles), and I also collect Cowboys football cards (but stopped in 93). But I am not an expert in the value of cards or collectibles – so please don't ask.

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I had a Cowboys webpage recognized around the Internet as the authoritative list of Cowboys links, and I have a Cowboys book collection second to none (approx. 300 titles). In addition to my book collection, I have every Cowboys media guide back to 1960, which makes researching questions much easier.

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