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Hello Duke

Would you happen to know who would make custom throwback jerseys?

In particular the Apex one with the stars on the sleeves.
I understand that Mitchell & Ness makes throwback, but I did not see that they make custom ones.
Thanks for the assistance.

Hello Isaac,

Unfortunately the only place I would know of that would make custom jerseys are the places that you'd easily have access to also like the Dallas Cowboys or NFL websites. However, they only do customs of the current jerseys the Cowboys wear today like the standard white, navy (with stars on the sleeves) and navy 1960's Thanksgiving Throwback.  I believe the NFL is really strict as far as their jersey customizing so you won't find too many official places that will alter one for you.    

I'm assuming when you say Apex One with the stars on the sleeves, you're talking about the "Double-Star" jerseys with stars on the shoulders (Nike moved the stars down to the sleeves on the navy jerseys in the 1996 season) .  But please know that the Apex One company went out of business right before the 1995 season so other than eBay, it is nearly impossible to get an authentic Apex One "Double-Star" jersey nearly 20 years after the team wore them.  Fortunately, you can still find them every once in a while on the internet.  Since the Apex One authentic "Double-Star" jersey numbers are stitched on tackle-twill, with a little patience you can remove them and customize it to your liking.  Embroidery shops all over should match the tackle-twill color you need.

Mitchell & Ness does specialize in throwbacks, but I have never heard of them customizing for anyone.  If you can't find an Apex One "Double-Star" jersey, you can always purchase an authentic Mitchell & Ness and customize that since they were made nearly identical to their 1994 counterparts.  Beware though as there are A LOT of fakes on the internet.  An authentic Mitchell & Ness fetches around $250-$300. A lot of money, but personally I'd rather have an official, than a knock-off.

Good luck and thanks for asking.  Sorry I wasn't much help.

Happy Halloween!!


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