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Dallas Cowboys/Apex one double star Michael Irvin jersey, signed



Signature on back
Signature on back  
Hi Duke. I am not very Knowledgeable about football memorabilia. I received an Apex one, 1994, 75th NFL anniversary, double star, Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin jersey, as a gift, many years ago. It's signed, but I have lost the documentation long ago. I am not concerned with it's value, because I am not interested in selling it. I was wondering if you can tell me anything about it? Is it rare? Should I put it under glass? It's been in a plastic bag, on a shelf since stepdad included a signed 75th anniversary football signed by Michael Irvin too (lost all documentation for both of them in the move up north) was a very nice gift. Thank you for anything you may be able to tell me about the items. I am a big fan of the game, just don't know much about memorabilia.

1994 Emmitt Smith
1994 Emmitt Smith  

1995 Deion Sanders
1995 Deion Sanders  
Hi Gary,

Sorry for the delay as the holiday season can be a very chaotic time, especially trying to sit down to thoroughly answer a question :-/.  

First off, thank you for sending the photos.  What a beautiful jersey you own there and signed by "The Playmaker" himself...just WOW!! I am glad to hear you're not interested in selling it as I personally believe too many times some people look to me to give them a price range, instead of valuing the item itself. Now of course, I do not want to be presumptuous as there could be many reasons such as it was handed down to them, not interested in it, or they just can't afford to keep it any longer.  But I believe that is one of the reasons athletes do not like signing for adults often (as opposed to children) because they think the adult will just go out and sell the item instead of cherishing it.

Ha ha ahem...sorry that was Duke's soapbox for the day.

So back to your question.  What you own is an authentic Apex One white "Double-Star" jersey the Dallas Cowboys wore in 1994.  The team donned this jersey starting on Thanksgiving Day, various MNF games and all through the playoffs that season. This jersey will mostly be remembered for Jason Garrett's memorable come-from-behind victory against the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving and especially the loss in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers as the Cowboys were one game away from reaching the Super Bowl and 3-peating at an NFL Championship.  

In 1995, the team wore this jersey again but only during the Preseason and once the 1995 regular season kicked off, the white "Double-Star" was never seen again until this past Thanksgiving when Nike introduced their ColorRush uniforms.  The Cowboys chose to resurrect the white "Double-Star" only this time there were some subtle changes.  

-The blue was more darker (closer to a navy)
-The shoulder stars were reduced in size (biggest mistake in my opinion - horrible!!)
-They removed the "Cowboys Star" chest crest
-The nameplate font is now serif-ed (as opposed to the san-serif font).

The reason why your jersey is so rare (other than Irvin's signature) is mostly because of the manufacturer, Apex One.  Apex One outfitted the Dallas Cowboys for the 1993, 1994, and the first part of the 1995 season.  The company was apparently sold to Converse sometime before the 1995 regular season but I believe when negotiations or the rights somehow failed, Apex One went under and out of business.  This is why you will not see manufacturer logos on the 1995 Dallas Cowboy uniforms.  The team did wear the navy "Double-Star" for two games against the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles that season.  But again, the white "Double-Star" was not seen until 21 years later.

Mitchell & Ness re-made the white "Double-Star" jersey to the public in three players (Aikman, Irvin, and Smith).  As beautiful and accurate as they were with their version, they of course will never be an original.  Hence the rarity.  

That is it in a nutshell.  I hope that helped some and personally I think you should frame it if you can afford it and you're a big fan like I am.  I personally own (like yours) three white "Double-Star" jerseys myself (Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Deion Sanders).  My Deion version is my "Holy Grail" as he was a 49er the year the team sported this jersey and plus it is signed by "Prime Time" himself.  :-)  I also own two game issued white "Double-Star" jerseys which absolutely are breath-taking.  The differences between a store bought and a game issued jersey are numerous, but that is a conversation for another time. :-)

Happy Holidays Gary!!


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