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I been dancing every since i was little i love dance when i dance its like i release my soul all my pains and stressed is released i know all different types of dances but i would like to work on my dance styles and becoming a pro dancers. How do i go about doing that

Congrats on your goal of becoming a professional dancer! That's an amazing goal. I don't know a lot about how much you dance as you didn't tell me in the question, but I would say if you don't already ask for a ballet private once a week and another one that varies in tap, jazz, lyrical, acro. If you don't compete and your interested ask your teacher to compete that will get you seen more and get more dance time. I hope that helped if you need a more detailed answer you could give me a follow up question with a bit more detail. Again I really hoped that helped you!

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I have been a dancer for 12 years and I compete I love dancing and I'm am a teachers assistant at the studio

I have danced for 12 years been a teachers assistant for 4 years

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