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i'm 15 almost 16 in 2 months i started ballet when i was 13 and i'm in ballet 5/6 i'm not in pointe yet i'm in pre pointe class . how long does a person usually stay in pre pointe class before they can get pointe shoes? . my second question is how do i join a ballet company i'm not sure how .i know i started very late but i really want to try and join one my 2 most favorite ones are san francisco ballet and the joffrey ballet chicago. so how do i do this ? :) by the way i'm a girl and i'm working on my flexibility everyday and i am a student at benicia ballet studio .

I'm sorry for the long wait I have been very busy. As far as how long it takes it really depends on your studio. Try asking your teacher about it. I would see if there are any auditions for ballet stuff for the experience and to get noticed. I would also see if there are any auditions for any companies and take a shot it will be a good experience. I really hoped this helped if you need anything else do a follow up question

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