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Hi Molly,
I have been dancing since a young age and I am not very flexible. I used to do acrobatics which got my flexibility up, but I had to quit. I do it now, but we don't do much stretching, usually we do tricks. Our dance school doesn't do stretch classes, but I don't want to go somewhere else without my friends. Can you recommend anything, even some stretches to do at home? Thanks :)

You should stretch for at least 30 minutes a day if you really want to stay at the dance company you are at and you don't stretch a lot there then you should definitely be stretching at home I would do the basic stretches to start out with like butterfly, pike, straddle, 1 leg out, splits, and any normal stretches you would do at dance but do them at home. In order to become more flexible you need to work hard and want it. I really hope this helped and if you want some more stretches ask a follow up question or if I can help you in any other way

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I have been a dancer for 12 years and I compete I love dancing and I'm am a teachers assistant at the studio

I have danced for 12 years been a teachers assistant for 4 years

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