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hello dear

I m talented dancer (classic-free style - folk - contemporary - belly ) dancing

I m newbie still not professional , I want to perform some dancing performing with specific suits imagined by my mind for instance

1- compatible (jacket+trouser+hat+shoe) with same color preferable to be dare purple or cobalt blue or dusk blue - blood red  

2- cowboy (suit+trouser+shoe+hat)   brownish with all degree

3- villain joker of batman comic suits ( suit + mask + trouser )

4- clown suit + mask + shoe

after doing a lot of researches , really I found the listed items exist online with some exceptions but they were too expensive for newbie like me , also I ll use them one or twice time at most , so this solution is bad to purchase via internet this kind of costumes , I need any material because I m want the figure or appearance not the fashion , I tried to search here on Egypt , I found costume designer but in the most time they are engaged with theater package creation and shows , and it is rarely  to create specific suits for one person , I tried that they demand an expensive price to that for me alone , so I m trying to search for some one hire but here in Egypt this kind of accessories is rare and seldom not like USA

so after all that explanation I want from you to recommend me a resource for hiring this costume or internet resource sell used suits  to be purchased those items cheaply or what can I do ?

last thing

1- can you recommend me a dancing show team accept talented newbie on any country on the world noticed that I m 30 yrs old , when I tried to research here locally on my country , all refuse the age the maximum age for joining any dancing show group is 20 yrs old or elder , so please advise ?

thanks and best regards

For the costumes I would go on eBay or Amazon and search for your specific costume. There are other costume places but they are much more expensive then eBay or Amazon. I would search for used costumes just because they will be much cheaper then trying to get a custom costume made for yourself. For the dance teams many have an age limit and I'm not sure what it is like where you live but I searched "dance teams for adults age 30" and found a lot of results. I would start with that if you have any further questions let me know. I hope I helped!

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