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I am maya, 17 year old girl. I ve just started practcing rock & roll. My question is related to proper clothing. Every time my partner swings me or during lifts my underskirt is exposed, & it is always on back of my mind, how it will look like, & i become conscious during the dance. What you will suggest? Second will you suggest me to wear same color panty as skirt or opposite color or skin color or black, during public performance?

I would wear spandex or dance briefs underneath but you would have to ask your teacher which one they would prefer and same goes for the color I would personally choose to wear same color as my skirt but it is up to your teacher. I hope this answered your question I'm sorry it took me so long to get to I have been really busy lately if you have any further questions let me know! Thanks!

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I have been a dancer for 12 years and I compete I love dancing and I'm am a teachers assistant at the studio

I have danced for 12 years been a teachers assistant for 4 years

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