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I am 16f,  joined dance. My stage performance is scheduled. I got confused over some steps. In some positions of lifts & dips i try to cover my upper thighs & panty from exposing. I feel nervous exposing these in such position. I don't know how will it look when i am lifted by my partner & my legs in sky.
At the same time my dance partner always say, that my acts to avoid exposing destructs him & perfect position is not achieved.
Above all, costume for stage performance is given by our dance class, & they are insisting us to wear panty insted of more covered costumes like cycle short etc. I ve asked them also, but the class authority says that it looks glamorous in normal twists.
Plz guide.

I think you should be the best dancer you can be don't worry about what people think dance for you at the best of your ability . If you worry about costuming during the dance you won't be the best that you can be. If you are worried what it will look like try to have someone video tape it so you can see what it looks like. Also you can't change what your company wants so you just have to be flexible around what they want. I hope this helps you if you have any further questions you can ask a follow up. I really hope this helps!

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I have been a dancer for 12 years and I compete I love dancing and I'm am a teachers assistant at the studio

I have danced for 12 years been a teachers assistant for 4 years

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