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I have been trying to find my solo songs for next year and I was wondering if you could help. I am doing a lyrical solo and also a jazz solo. For my lyrical solo I would like a song similar to the feeling and tempo of the song Distance by Christina Perri. For my jazz solo I would like a song that is pretty upbeat but not too sassy. I am 15 going to be 16 during this dance season so I would really like suggestions for songs that would work for my age and that aren't too childish. I really hope you can give me suggestions for my songs. Thanks in advance for your help!


Congrats on your upcoming solos! Selecting the right music is key.

We have this board on Pinterest that might give you some ideas for the Lyrical solo:

You might also listen to these stations on Pandora for ideas:
Jasmine Thompson
Madilyn Bailey
Sarah McLachlan
Bon Iver
Alex &  Sierra

For the Jazz, there are so many choices!
You might get some inspiration from these stations on Pandora
Meghan Trainor
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry

While those might not be specific song recommendations...those artists are in line with what you're seeking. Also, if you put those stations on your pandora, similar artists will play and I think you might just find what you're looking for!

Best of luck -
Suzanne Blake Gerety  

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