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Hi, 2 weeks ago i bought 25g darts, they felt heavy but after a few days getting use to them , they were fine.

I play in a league and last night, i couldnt hit a thing, it felt as there was nothing there.

is there any reason for this sudden weight loss in a short amount of time?

Hello, Craig.

I'm afraid you may be asking about something I've never heard before.

Are you asserting that your steel or tungsten darts lost physical weight? If so, did you measure them on a scale to verify this?

Are you asserting that as the night of darts play progressed, the darts began to feel lighter to you when you held them in your hand, although when measured on a scale, they had not actually lost any weight? If this is the question, You'd also need to include details on just what you were drinking, smoking or otherwise ingesting before and during play?

If you can clarify your question a little, I'll take a stab at answering it.


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