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I'm currently looking to buy a dart set (soft-tip) and I'm trying to figure what weight I want to use. I'm stationed in Korea and all of the bars use steel tip (I definitely noticed a difference in the weight), I tried playing a game but gave up b/c I was not use to using the heavier darts and struggled greatly with them, I'm use to playing with the (soft tip) darts that come with your typical household electronic boards.  I know that darts range from 12-30 grams, so about what is the weight of the standard darts that come with electronic boards since I'm use to throwing those back home.

Hello, Steven.

Soft tip darts are limited to 18 grams in order to protect the plastic scoring segments in the soft tip dartboard. Heavier darts are likely to break the scoring segment.

I can't find any soft tip dartboard ads that specify the weight of the darts included with the board, but the soft tip darts I have seen range in weight between 12 and 18 grams.

If you'd like to play both soft tip and steel tip without having to deal with darts of different weights, I'd suggest using 18 gram darts of both types. You will have a wide choice of shapes and knurling in both types of dart.

You could also consider the soft-steel type of darts which are designed with removable steel tips that have a screw base the same size as the plastic soft tip screw-in base.

Once you get used to shooing with 18 gram darts, you might find that you play equally well in both soft-tip and steel tip venues.


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