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hi i need help to know whether if you use a lighter dart does it go in the board higher than if you use a heavier dart as with my natural throw i am always about an inch lower than the treble or double basicly my release of the dart is late until i tell myself when to release the dart but then sometimes i will be going that much higher than where i am aiming for is it the same for professionals sometimes? when i do get going i can hit usualy 3 or 4 180s and anywhere from 8 to 11 140s in half an hour every night and thats with waiting for 10 seconds between each throw but i want to do better than that!?


The Throw
The Throw  
Hello, Steven.

My understanding of ballistics, the science of the flight of rocks, rockets, darts and many other things, is that gravity accelerates all ballistic missiles at the same rate, regardless of weight.

Based on this, the only things affecting where your darts, no matter what the weight,  hit in the board are launch velocity and angle of trajectory.

Based on your question, you have it pretty well figured out and just need to warm up a little before you start to play.  


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