hi i have trouble with my natural throw to hit where i am aiming i always seem to hit lower than the treble but when i tell myself to release the dart early and hit the treble i can group well does everyone have to adjust the release point of a dart or does it mean i need lighter darts its not always like it though i can really get a good rythem going last a week ago i hit 16 180s in 3 hours and got 5 140s in a row so is it just a case of getting used to releasing the darts at the right time i also find i get worse when try to hard or throw harder?

Congratulations, Steven.

It sounds like you have answered your own question.

If you can hit 180s and 140s as often as you say when you adjust your release, you have found the correct throw.

All darts players have trouble hitting the mark when under pressure, throwing a little too hard or a little too soft. Watch the televised Premier League matches and you will see the top darts players in the world throwing off the mark under pressure.  


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