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My 2005 electronic dartboard won't start up. The cord was damaged but we bought a replacement. Still won't start up. I'm having trouble finding someone who will repair it in the Dallas Fort Worth area (in TX). Do you have any recommendations? I've tried the electronic repair shops (one actually asked me what a dartboard is) with no luck. Not even Sears would repair it. Thanks.

Hello, Jodi.

My experience with electronic dartboards has been pretty much the same as yours. After a period of use, the electronics fail and repair turns out to be impossible. The only feasible path is to trash the old one and get a new one.

It would probably be a good idea to do some research before purchasing a new one to identify the best selling manufacturer with the maximum praise and the least blame on darts websites. I think you will find copious information regarding manufacturers that are favored and others that darts players have had unpleasant experiences with.

It may be a good idea to consider a higher priced one with a good reputation among the darts playing commentators. Price is not always a good indication of quality, but if the ones most praised are more expensive, that could be an indication that the cost of quality manufacture is driving the price.

Regarding the replacement of the damaged power cord, it's quite possible that whatever damaged the cord or was done in the replacement process sent a spike of power through the delicate electronics that drive the board's display and permanently damaged the logic board.  


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