Could you plz tell me can some one play for 2 leagues on the same night but not playing together it u get want I mean

Hello, Donna.

The answer to this question would depend to some extent on the rules of the two leagues. For example a league may rule out a player being a member of a different league for competitive reasons, or could allow membership in more than one league but rule out participation in play of more than one league on the same night because it would impair the player's concentration on the play in one or both leagues.

Even without prohibiting league rules, it would be impossible for a player to participate in play at two locations at the same time.

I suppose it would be physically possible to participate in two leagues playing at the same location at the same or overlapping time, assuming both leagues allow it, but it would inevitably lead to time conflicts, when a player is called for play in one league at a time when the player is engaged in a match in the other league. Even if the two leagues were willing to adjust the schedule to accommodate this situation, it would be a serious distraction to the player who might have difficulty concentrating on shooting when running back and forth across the venue. I would say that even though allowed by the rules of the two leagues involved this would be an arrangement prone to unforeseen problems.

if the two leagues are scheduled for different time periods with sufficient time between the end of the first and the beginning of the second to permit all the unforeseen things that inevitably come up to be taken care of  without stress, it seems to me there is no reason why this should not be possible.


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