Let's say I want to hit 20 and 3. In order to succeed I would need to use two slightly different throws. I mean, These two numbers are not on the same level. Any tips for me?

Let's say I must hit 20 and then 8. I could stand in the middle of the dartboard and aim straight forward at 20. This wouldn't work for 8 since it is on the left side of the dartboard. Should I move my feet or throw slightly to the left?

Do you use the same power/strenght no matter which number you need to hit?

Hello, Hank.

For me, the answer is practice, practice, practice. Then practice some more.

I stand centered on the dartboard as nearly possible and rotate my standing position slightly one direction the other to shoot to the left or right of the dartboard. I use a device I made which is similar to the SightRight if you're familiar with that product to help me stay centered on the board. Since I don't shoot like Michael van Gerwin, I can't say whether that's the correct way to stand or not. I throw the dart with pretty much the same force whether I'm shooting at double twenty or double three or anywhere in between. If I try to change the amount of force I use, I never know where the dart will land. I alter my direction of throw by looking directly at the spot on the board where I want the dart to hit and making sure the dart is on that line as I move my hand and arm to throw the dart.

As I said, I'm no expert when it comes to throwing but you may want to try some of the things I've tried.


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