Hi I have played darts since the age of thirteen im now 30 somedays id practice for hours n I was a reallygood dart player Iid hit 180s and go out in 12 13 darts hit big finishes about six months ago I started suffering from what I suspect the dreaded dartitis I even changed my throw as my arm didnt seem to want to go bk as far as I wanted at first wen I got it it wernt as bad it take me an hour r so to release the darts but wen my arm was relaxed they go wer I wanted but I still hd stutters a friend who sufferd from dartitis adviced me to give up fr 12 weeks  I did but since my return to the oche things have become worse I now cant let go of the dart and when I do its hitting the walls its like my strength as gone im stuttering n juping even walking towards the board when im about to release I have constant pain in my right shoulder my dart arm I dont know what to do as I love the game and dont want to give up ive tried relaxing turning lights out n chucking them anywhere in board but they either hit the wall r go out the board following flight even chucking bricks outside as someone suggested I dont know what else I can do im playing with my left hand at minute but im terrible I use 23 gram darts can you please help kind regards brian

Hello, Brian.

Very sorry to hear your story of the onset of Dartitis.

I'm also sorry to say that I haven't got any knowledgeable advice for combatting this terrible scourge.

One thing I can think  of to suggest is that you try throwing other things than darts. Balls are the first thing that comes to mind, from small hard ones like a Cricket ball or baseball to larger inflated ones like a soccer football or American football. See if you have the same experience with these other objects. If you do, schedule a visit with a physical trainer. If not, see if successful throwing of things other than darts helps to release your inability with darts.

I would also suggest that you see your physician to schedule a series of tests to determine whether or not the condition is caused by some physical or mental problem.

I wish you good luck and hope to hear that you are back to chucking your darts successfully.


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