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Nobody checked this dart!!!??? During a social game of darts we had 20 points left, so the shooter went for the double ten to win. She got the double 10 on her first dart...BUT...thought it was a single 10. Thinking she had 10 points left, she shot her second dart for the double 5 to finish. The second dart hit the single 5. Now she understood she had 5 points remaining. Her third dart missed the board. Here is my question...Did she bust from throwing the second dart into the single 5...or...Did she win the game regardless of throwing the second dart?

Here is the Darts Regulation Authority Rule covering this sequence of play:

5.11.07 Any dart or darts mistakenly thrown by a Player after scoring the Game Shot shall not be counted as the respective leg, set or match is concluded by the Game Shot.

If this happened in a tournament, she would have won the game with the double 10.

In social play, it's up to the group playing to decide.


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