robert wrote at 2015-10-06 19:41:48
I currently am suffering from severe dartistis where i cant let go of the dart and my arm keeps wanting to come back and lock totally up.

I too was a pretty handy thrower was the best in my county and it kills me to be playing like this, but its all in the mind and you have to retrain your arm to throw smoothly again, what i do is look away from the board all together and i seem to throw grand so for a solid hour i do that. it has helped me and any progress at all is great, negativity is your main downfall and yes its very hard to stay positive the whole time but do not worry where the darts are landing in the board once there getting there is the main thing.

as they say rome was'nt built in a day hopefully u have sucess and become the player u once were but dont look in the past just in the now  


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