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I read that for a beginner at the game of darts it is better to aim at 19 rather than 20. The argument was that if you miss 19 you will hit 3 or 7 which is better than 1 or 5. What do you think about this? Should one always aim at 20 rather 19 if you just need a lot of score?

Btw, what kind of lighting is good when playing darts?

The Circumluminator
The Circumluminator  
Hello, Andrew.

I don't see much difference between 19 and 20. Which is better really depends on which you are able to hit most accurately. To my mind, discussion of this type of question is just one of the aspects of shooting darts at your local pub with your darts colleagues that makes darts the very enjoyable game that it is.

The answer is practice, practice, practice, which I assume will not be a burden for you as a beginning player who enjoys the game.

My answer to what kind of lighting is best may be a bit biased. Several years ago I invented and patented a light fixture purpose built for darts which I call The Circumluminator because it surrounds the dartboard with light, thereby eliminating shadows. You can see photographs of it at www.circumluminator.com. The face of The Circumluminator is decorated with custom backlit graphics which attractively represent something of the owner's feelings about darts. There are approximately a thousand Circumluminators in use in eighteen countries today.

Should you be looking for a dartboard lighting solution that's less attractive but perhaps less costly, I would recommend a four foot wide fluorescent fixture hung a couple of feet above and in front of the top of the dartboard and hung tilted in the direction of the dartboard so as to direct more illumination toward the dartboard and reduce or eliminate light shining in the player's eyes. Fluorescent, in my experience does not cast the same kind of severe shadows that single point of light incandescent lights do.


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