Hi! I've been told that when throwing darts you should stand in the middle/center of the oche (well, Stephen Bunting doesn't need to follow this rule). Your foot and arm will be aligned with the center of the dartboard. I understand all of this. How do players find the center of the oche? At home you can use sightread or something simmilar but not at a serious game. How do the players do this? Then when I standing to throw I use two eyes when aiming. The problem is that you get two pictures in your mind (one from both eyes). If I aim at bull's eye with two eyes and then close my left eye bull's eye has moved a bit to the right ( and I don't think aiming with one eye closed is actually good). I was actually surprised how much to the left I was standing. How do you deal with this?

The position at the center of the board is not used by all players, but it seems to make sense to me because the throwing habits developed through play are consistent, for any particular point on the surface or the board, your throw is always roughly the same.

Finding the standing point at the center of the board without a mechanical aid is guesswork. Hopefully the player will improve this ability with practice and attention. While you can get pretty close to the center of the board by sight, there is no guarantee your position will be perfectly centered.

This is one of the things that makes the game of darts interesting.And it explains why alders players have good days and bad days.


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