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QUESTION: Advantage Database: Error 5004: Either ACE could not find the specified file, or you do not have sufficient rights to access the file.

I'm not sure if this is actually an Advantage Database error.

I have a veterinary medicine database program (AltaPoint) that I am not sure what program it is written in but possibly in Visual Basic 6 but I am not sure.

The issue is the people using the program are getting an error when trying to print a particular report and/or invoice.  If they preview the report and then print, it works fine.  If they try to print directly and skip the preview then the following Advantage error comes up:

Table1: Error 5004: Either ACE could not find the specified file, or you do not have sufficient rights to access the file.

I don't understand why they would be able to preview the report if they "do not have sufficient rights to access the file".

This program is used by 5 network stations and all users are having this issue.  

Let me know what other information I can give to help us troubleshoot this issue.


ANSWER: You need to contact AltaPoint on this. I don't know what what was used to develop the software. It could have been Access or it could be a VB front end with an Access back end. In either case, the problem is with their software and you need to go back to them for fixing.

My guess is that the front end can no longer find the back end. Either the back end was moved or deleted. So that is where I would look first.

Hope this helps,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The company's veterinary med software division no longer produces or supports the software. Their last version which is the last one I have 5.0 network edition was used up to Windows XP Service Pack 1. Funny thing is that it works all through SP3 and Vista and even in Windows 7! It just has that error when trying to print without doing a "preview" first. It also works on 32 bit and 64 bit computers Windows XP through Windows 7. Pretty amazing considering it is an old software last produced in 2005. I think it can do that because it does not have any of those "filters" they put on software these days that tell you that you cannot use that the software can't work on the new versions of Windows. I have read a couple of blogs where they say that it is actually a file/s that may be corrupted in Windows.


It's not that amazing when you consider that Microsoft has always striven for backward compatibility.

It very well could be a common control that has been updated and now doesn't work. But there is clearly nothing you can do about it except to educate users to preview first.

Hope this helps,
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