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Hello, ScottGem

I am a Front-End Web Developer (so I do the HTML, CSS and Javascript of a website). I consider my knowledge of database to be basic, since I took only 1 database subject in college and know how to fetch data through PHP.

I built a website for a client that was fairly simple (it contained information only). Now he wants to add a database to store user information in it. The website was built using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and no Content Management System was used.

How can I get started with designing and building a database for my website?

Thank you



PS: you can redirect me to a good website or book that discusses the same issue. I know programming so don't mind technical language.

The key to designing a good database is understanding the concept of normalization. So you start off with determining what data you need to capture. You then organize that data into normalized tables. There are many good sites that can explain normalization.

What you use as the back end for the data is up to you. You can use SQL Server, Oracle, MY SQL or even flat files if the data structures can handle that. The next piece is programming the interface between the data and the user. I've been told DreamWeaver is a great tool for that.

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