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QUESTION: hi how r u?Ive got a question.Is it standard to have some type of database tied into a  client server
network.I worked for an it department for a little who.I was a tech/admin.Not really a full admin in my opinion because i didnt set the network up.I was giving admin privilges because i could install software and lots of things that most users couldnt do.The problem is this,I was wasnt there  long enough to really get a feel for  what the network was for or how it was used.The organzation
It had a lot of social workers who worked for the company and i want to say that they worked on things that they called intakes.I want to say that one of the guys that i worked with mentioned some something about an sql server.Something about him  doing something at night.And i remember he was working on something called a conversion.I kind of understand the basis of the workstations and there being an active directory but i was confused on the actually usage of the network.I understood the concept of having drivers on network drives,and software to install on the network drives.Would some type of database server probably be involved.

ANSWER: The purpose of a network is to allow several computers (and computer users) to share resources, rather than work separately. Those resources include printers, shared files, shared applications and shared data. The network can be very simple as in a peer to peer network with network controller or a large scale network of thousands of PCs with multiple servers for various purposes.

Depending on the size of the organization, a database or several may be one of the uses of the network. Microsoft SQL Server is an enterprise database like Oracle and several others. With a shared database multiple users can be entering data at the same time. For example, entering sales transactions.

With an Enterprise level database like SQL Server, much of the maintenance has to be done during of hours.

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QUESTION: Thanks for responding to my question.I really appreciate it.I been really trying to purse a career in IT but its tough.You have to be so well rounded.I was always under the impression that when it cames to databases that someone like a database administrator would do that.  
Ive seen jobs that are asking for windows server,microsoft exchange,micrsoft sql all in the same job position.Correct me if im wrong but microsoft sql  server  and oracle are two different databases.but they both use sql language.And most the time a company is going to be using  one or the other not  both.Also another thing that im confused about is that you said that a network usually shares resources and files.
.What would be some examples of the type of files and resources that they would  share.I remember when i worked at this company in the it department.They had so many folders on the k drive that was public for everyone.I never had a chance to get a good look at them or  to ask what they were for because i wasnt there long enough.Im guess what kind of things that they would  share would depend on the nature of the organzation and what the network would be used for.Im also guessing that since i didnt build the network and setup the folders then it would probably be impossible to know what they were for unless somebody told me.When u mean shared files are you talking about things like microsoft office documents that everybody can access and modify themselves

Yes Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle are both enterprise level database engines. Almost all databases these days use some dialect of the SQL language.

And no, many companies may have both SQL Server, and Oracle and maybe other databases. Depends on the software they are running.

There are many things files a company might share. For example Word templates so documents can be formatted a specific way. other word documents that multiple users might need access to. The same with Excel sheets and Powerpoint presentations. Multiple people might need to contribute to any of those.

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