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Hi, whomever gets this.  I’m hoping what I’m thinking of exists as an online tool, or if not, someone can tell me where to go to find someone who can create it.  Basically, I'd like an application where people can answer simple questions to sort through a pre-designed database.  Let’s say the database is 10,000 movie titles.  The person on the website would be asked, for example, “Do you want to watch a movie with a happy ending?”  If the user clicks “Yes”, then the program can condense the list to those movies that are already marked in the database as having happy endings – say, 7,643.  Next question, “Choose a genre or genres.”  They click next to “Thriller”, “Romance” and “Courtroom drama” – 3,618 films.  And they’ll keep answering questions until they get a short list of five or ten or twenty-five they can then pick from.  I’ve tried a variety of Google searches without finding what I’m looking for.  Any ideas?

Its called Google.

What you are referring to is a search engine and many exist. The  specific function you refer to is called drill down. Its where you create a filter then further filter the results.

Any decent web developer can create use existing components to create one.

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