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I have a project in my company where we need to automate the packaging process.
It goes like this:
Description: Material arrive at docking area. They are checked for packaging. and if packaging found not as per standard they are rejected.
Problem: As material arrives at a very fast rate there is a need to automate thew process
Work Done so Far: Till now I am able to make a macro code in Excel wherein if an item number is pasted into a specific cell it searches for pdf attached to that number and automatically displays that pdf. That pdf contains the information regarding packaging standard
Requirements: 1.) Now to execute this automatically I want a scanner that can scan a 2-D bar code which contains all information like item number, Quantities, Vendor code etc., extracts only item number and paste that item number into that specific cell of Excel.Please note I want Excel to paste the data and not as if it is typing into that cell.Is it possible?
2.) It should be wireless as we have huge area to cater to

Also I already have Honeywell's Voyager 1202g(Wireless) and Psion Teklogic 7535 Handheld in my company. Please tell me if it is possible to do these things with any of this scanner.
Thankyou in Advance

Saurabh Mundeja

It depends on the scanners you use. A barcode scanner can be as simple as a Human Interface Device similar to a keyboard. In other words what you scan is entered into a cell just as if you typed it. However, some scanners store the information and need to be docked or use Wifi to transmit the scanned info.

Once the info is in the computer, it can be read and parsed to extract what you need. You would need to contact the scanner mfg to determine the format of the stored info.

But the bottom line is it is possible.

Hope this helps,

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