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I work for a small non-profit office that requires that clients complete a form before arrival.  I want them to be able to complete the form online, have the info go into a database, and be able to call up individual entries on their own, to add more information. Or even email the form back to the office for us to somehow easily import. I've played around with google forms, which is great - but I can't pull individual records (all the info just goes into a spreadsheet). I wouldn't mind extrapolating the data, but I work with someone who isn't as tech savvy, and this wouldn't be an easy solution. Is this something that I can do in Microsoft Access?  I am pretty quick study with new software, and can probably master the basics and even intermediate levels of the application.  But if this is do-able, would it be something that would require more advanced programming, etc? Or can your above average (but not expert!) user take on something like this?  Or is there some other application you'd suggest?  I've toyed with Adobe Forms Central, but I hear they're phasing it out soon.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

Its something that can be done with Access 2013 and an Office 365 account. This is called a hybrid application where data is entered through a web form then stored in a SQL Azure database. You can then create a reguklar desktop app in Access that would also link to the SQL Azure database.

But yes, this is something that someone more advanced would need to do.

Any decent WEB programmer can create a WEB site to collect data, then export that data so it can be input to a local Access database.

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