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Scott Hi I need your help.  I have a Dell Desktop computer, model  E521 Dimension.  When I turn on the computer I get a message BOOT FROM CD: No Boot Device DETECTED.  When I insert the Dell Operating Disk and pree F1 I get the windows log on screen and then the window screen that shows all my logos, recycle Bin, etc.  Can you please tell me how can I get my log on and Windows screen without using a disk, is there a fix.  Thank you Ken

The message indicates a couple of possibilities.

1) In your BIOS settings, the boot device is set to ONLY boot from CD. If this is the case, it should be easy to fix. As your machine powers up there should be a message to press something (like F11) to enter Setup. Press whatever it is and look through the BIOS settings for boot device.

2) Your hard drive is dying. Something is wrong with the hard drive, that has corrupted the MBR (Master Boor Record) so the computer doesn't see it as bootable. I'm not sure how to fix that if its the case. It might mean replacing the hard drive.

I would contact Dell Tech support to see if they can provide instructions.

Hope this helps;

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