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I'm puzzled over a guy at work.He's nice,friendly very chatty maybe a bite flirty to people he works with.But,I'm try to separate the difference between how he talks to me and other people.A lot of the time I get from him.When he comes into my company,is,he would repeat my name.My full name is Julie-ann,but he would be say 'ah Julie ,Julie , Julie''.Or Hi Julie or I get very little conversations from him.But,to other people he's chatting away joking.One time we were in a room together at our own desks.He got up and came back to his desk,he was up before that looking for something.It sounded like something plastic hitting the desk.Not long after,I find out it was little speakers.He had gone of to get them.Cause during the time after that.He calls over to me ''Julie whats yr favorite song'' .We started chatting & pointed out to me that he has speakers.''Now lets see if we can play you yr song''. After playing the song .''And tomorrow'' he says ''I'll play U another one of yr favorite songs'' .Another time,he offered me a lift home.Said to someone we worked with when I went to get my coat.Julie-ann and I are going for a little drive.He asked when dropping me off at my house,will I be in work tomorrow.He comments on things I do & would bring other people's attention to what I doing. I get frustrated at myself because I don't have a lot to chat to him about.And he really doesn't chat to me like he does with others.But,who I work with does always something to talk about.And I just don't know what gets him interested in me. At our Christmas party for work,I was talking away to some one.And I just happened to look away from her.I was not expecting it,he was in front of me few feet away  standing with other people. Staring at me,looking down at my feet & looking me up and down. Sorry for going on just want to hear yr thoughts. I'm right to think He more then likes me.Or is he just a nice guy.The other day,in work passing me at reception.He say's ''I'm cold'' & I said ''it is quite cold out.He then repeats ''I'm cold'' then says ''I need a good women to warm me up,and yr the only one...???couldn't really make out it out clearly the last part. What do you think

Hi Julie-Ann,

It was a little difficult to follow your story and question there with it all in one unbroken up paragraph.  But I got the gist of the matter correctly, there's a guy at your office who seems to be flirting with you a bit.  Sometimes his comments are a bit sensually strong for the office place and are particularly targeted at you for your attention to him, yes?

The office Christmas party, if he'd had a few drinks into him, his staring at you could simply be indeed that he is attracted to you so he was staring.  

I didn't quite follow the example about his driving you home to your place and what the question or issue with that was.

Suffice is to say, it does sound like from his behavior that he finds you attracted.  However, since it's been at least a few months and he hasn't asked you out on date, he's not interested in or perhaps not ready at this time for a girlfriend relationship with you.  Of course, I'm not reading his mind there.  Just, when a man over the age of 21 years old wants a woman to be his girlfriend, he asks her out on dates and pursues her.  His is biologically wired to pursue at that age.

Go ahead and keep enjoying the flirtations and his attention.  Men being attracted to us is always a flattering compliment!  Enjoy it know you're an attractive girl.  

And if he ever asks you out, great! Then you can decide at that time if you want to date him or not.

Meanwhile, do get out and about and meet other men, keeping your social options vital and alive.

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