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Hello  Lauren
         I am single never married and been shy  I am thin built and average height and wear glasses.. I LOOK YOUNGER THEN MY AGE TOO.   Is there any hope in me finding a nice women at my age?
It seems all there is sex today   I have had very little of it in my life and THEY  always had me on the bottom.     Sex would be very hard for me at my age  I never get a erection  not even in the mornings any more.    I   LIKE A GIRL WHO IS TALLER THEN ME AND STRONGER THEN ME TOO.. And wears pretty dresses most the time.   Both my girl friends were  taller then me.   Is that normal to like them that way?    I have always been shy  around them   And turn red,  I love photography as a hobby  so I would love a women interested it it too    I don't drink or smoke and a nice person


Hi Johnny, I believe in the law of attraction so the short answer is yes, of course you can meet a wonderful woman. You need to believe in yourself and know what you want. Once that happens you have to find  a way to meet the right person. What are your interests? When you focus on the interest you will decrease the focus on sex. There are many ways to meet people. My personal favorite is where. groups of people with similar interests get together. You can also volunteer, get into local activist groups or church. You might want to try internet dating. I know many people who are successful in their relationships. The internet is more challenging to find quality people but they are out there. I hope this helps  

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