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QUESTION: Been talking To a guy on line for a while. He keeps saying I am special, wholesome and awesome, (Meaning I am different from other women) as I do not talk trash do cams etc) I really care about this guy, but at times he confuses me. Like he hasn't really disrespected me I don't think. What I am saying is we have not been talking that long yet. Then the other night he left some off line messages like I was making his jeans tighter each day and I was so lovely and that I knew how to tame the beast and that I was torturing him I was so sweet. I was shocked. Should I be mad? I am confused?? Please help?

ANSWER: how far away does he live?..ages?

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QUESTION: About 5 hours away, we actually have been talking just a few weeks, but have talked quite a bit and he is 54, I am 50. I have really started to care about him and really felt he did me too, even though he had threw mild flirts at me it kinda shocked me that he left those messages. Should I be mad and how should I respond back to him? Thanks

his sexual references appear out of line..unless that's your main interest, i don't see much of a point pursuing someone who already has revealed his suspect intentions, AND, lives far away; why bother investing time/energy in what most likely will be disappointing?..if you're truly interested in a "real" relationship, confine your search to those NEARBY you can DO things with on a regular basis besides email...

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