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Hello  Lauren
         I am single and 64  a male
 I see this young women a few times a month  We have fun and enjoy each  other as friends.  Nothing else But lately she started talking about sex to me.   And looks at me when I SHY AWAY FROM IT.
   The reason is because I REALLY CAN'T   I NEVER GET A ERECTION MUCH .  And when I DO MASTERBATE ONLY A FEW REAL SLOW DROPS OF SEAMEN COMES OUT.. SOMETIMES  MY PENIS IS DRY  Even though it throbs when I REACH MY  PLEASURE POINT.    It used to feel a lot better when it really came out.    So how do I EXPLAIN THIS TO A YOUNGER WOMEN WHO IS IN HER LATE 40'S AND PRETTY.     I HAVE HAD LITTLE SEX  NEVER MARRIED   pLUS I am sort of skinny 153 pounds down from 163 in the past  She is my size   I can't tell a Doctor this  Its been this way a few years now

Hi Johnny, Well firstly consider yourself very lucky to have a pretty 40 year old pay attention to you. Since you see each other a few times a month and no advancements have been made by you, I'll assume this has been a friendship only relationship. You haven't said what she is talking to you about regarding sex. Is she talking about having it with other men? Does she want sex with you? Is she talking about sex in a general conversation? I think the only way to deal with what's in your head is to be honest. You haven't said that if you COULD have a sexual relationship with her, you would want that. You're making excuses, you're  too skinny, you didn't have a lot of sex before and it's too late to see a doctor.  In any case scenario, you have to ask questions and then be completely honest. You need to find out if she is sexually attracted to you and is that why she's discussing sex. If no, then fine. You're just friends. If she is sexually attracted to you, then you need to find out what you want. If you want a relationship be honest. Tell her it's been awhile and you would be afraid of disappointing her. But then you need to see a doctor and find out if there's something that can be done. If you don't want to see a doctor than I can only assume, she's not worth it to you. If you want a companion only relationship, that's fine too, but it usually involves you paying for trips, dinners and any other entertainment she would escort you at. Best of luck  

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