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Hi Lauren, you answered a question from me recently-thank you. I would be grateful if you would answer one more please. I am 49 and dating again. Having established that purposefully dating in my age range is best,what is the best way of meeting available women say 45-55? I find it hard to meet single woman my age (rather than those 10-15 years younger) and it is actually hard to even know when these women are actually single.

What do you advise? I am not so enthusiastic about online dating and instead thought about Meetups or a social club. I go to synagogue but almost everyone that would appeal is married.

Thank you for your further advice.


Hi David, I'm a huge advocate of meet ups. I organize a meet up and believe it's one of the better ways to meet people of similar intersts.   Now I'll tell you a secret. You can find just about any meetup you want, Book Cub, sporting events, animals, dancing it doesn't matter, they are all out there but here is what I'm going to suggest. You start and organize your own meet up group. The webpage should be specific something like "HAPPY HOUR MEET & GREET for ages 45-55". Lets get together for friendship & fun. Now you are attracting the right age. Being the organizer, you will decide who you want in your group and you can set up your web page where people must contact you first to join. This will give you a lot of visibility to a lot of people. Also you will be Mr. Popularity because the organizer is the main event guy that everyone wants to meet. You will have all the answers as to other up coming events. Meet up does charge the organizer a fee for advertising your particular meet up but you can as an organizer charge people going to your events. Another great area of meeting people are at events. The Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Pet Rescue all have major events that you can go to. Volunteering is another fantastic venue to get out and meet people . I wouldn't worry so much about age. I would worry about this

"Maya Angelou 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Let me know how things work out


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