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What's been a good discount broker for you?
I use Fidelity.  Slippage seems high.
I try to buy a stock at 44 (limit)
  when I buy it at market it's 45

    I think they sell to me at   Ask
but when I sell to them they only give me the BID price
  Do all brokers do this?

       Thanks   Dick

Hi Dick,

Good question. Let me give you an example to help make this easy to understand.

Let's say you are at a garage sale, and you see a piece of furniture that you like. The seller says you can have it for $50 (the ask), but you're interested in paying $30 (the bid). You know that the EXACT same piece of furniture was sold by the next door neighbor for $40 (the last trade). So you think you might be able to get a better price than $50, but paying $30 might be unrealistic. So you raise your offer to $40 (the bid) and you say you're only interested in paying $40 or less (a limit order). The seller says I wanted $50 but I'll take $40 since this is what you're willing to pay right now (a sell market order).

Now if you liked the idea of paying $30, but you said I want to buy the piece of furniture right now at the price you're willing to offer (a buy market order), you'll buy the piece of furniture for $50.

So you will always buy at the ask and sell at the bid when you use market orders. If the market is moving you might get better fills than you expect from time to time, but using market orders your broker is doing what you're telling the broke to do...Fill me NOW and don't worry about price. So this doesn't matter if you're using Fidelty or another broker.

To combat this issue you can do 2 things:

1) Use limit orders (you're picky with the entry price but at times you might not be filled).
2) Trade stocks that are more liquid with tighter bid/ask spreads ($1 slippage is a lot but might be normal if trading small cap stocks and/or low volume ETFs).

If you're having other issues with the broker and interested in looking elsewhere, you might want to take a look at Interactive Brokers.

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