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Dear Mark,
Sorry for giving you loads of personal belief in my last question.
I have only questions this time.

1. If an E-Mini S&P contract's initial margin is $4600 while its maintenance margin is $3600 to control $102500 worth of notional value (~22x leverage, from 102500/4600), then doesn't that mean if the notional value declines more than 0.97% [from (4600-3600)/102500] I would receive margin call? If so, then doesn't that mean such arrangement gives ~22x leverage on the upside but ~103x leverage (from 100/0.97) on the downside? I am still learning.

2. Do you know of any reliable broker that provides API trading? Does API trading normally come with DMA as well?

Hi Choo,

The initial margin is the amount you need to trade 1 contract. The maintenance margin is the minimum that you need in your account to hold the position without a margin call.

I believe you're making things way too confusing. :) 1 point in the e-mini S&P is worth $50. So if you place a trade and have $4600 you can trade 1 contract. If your account drops by more than $1000 (20 points whether or not you are long or short) you would need to bring your account up to the maintenance level of $3600 (or whatever your broker requires to avoid another margin call).

APIs are more popular with Forex and since I'm not trading Forex, and since I trade directly with my broker trading platforms, this is something I don't have much knowledge on.

Once again I'd encourage you to try a demo account with a futures broker. You won't risk anything on a simulator and you'll be able to answer quite a few questions with a little practice!


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