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Day Trading/Suggestion for beginner


Hello dear Lewis Evans

I'm interesting about trade on forex.
What I should learn first? Is it profitable?
Which sites you would suggest as not fake site and I want to know
which platform is excellent. What do you think about robort trader or signal indicator application?

Waiting your soonest reply.
Thank you

Hello Anhaa,

Thank you for your questions.

Trading Forex can be profitable, but it is a very unforgiving occupation. You have to arm yourself well with good knowledge, or else it is gambling.

There are many good platforms and brokers who you can choose from to suit your trading style, but I would need to know more about what you plan to do before that question can be answered properly.

I think the first stage is to go online and learn as much as you can. Then demo trade until you are confident. When you start live trading, be sure that your mindset is good. Most trades are won or lost on mindset, not technique. That is why I teach the only course you will find that combines the two, and offers a very simple technique.

Robots can be good or bad, but always bear in mind that it is better to be personally in command and learning, than giving the responsibility for your success to a robot - that has been programmed by someone with their own mindset challenges!

I hope this helps, and go get in touch again if you need more information.

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